Monday, 3 October 2011

My Back-up Blessings

My Back-up Blessings

We all know that Thanksgiving is a great time to count your blessings and be grateful for all of the wonderful things that have a place in your life. Like many people, my health, my wonderful family, and my amazing friends maintain a much-deserved position at the top of the list. Pretty much a no-brainer, right? So this Thanksgiving I thought I would take a moment to appreciate my “Backup Blessings” – you know, the things that randomly make break into a mental ‘happy dance’ when they happen…

•    The seat heater in my car. Seriously, I run that thing until June!

•    Catching Starbucks on a day where they’re handing out free samples (Free coffee? Bring it on!)

•    Finding that all the socks that went into the washing machine actually made their way into and out of the dryer. Miraculous!

•    Hitting nothing but green lights when I’m running late (assuming, or course, there are times when I’m NOT running late!)

•    When the duvet actually stays where it belongs instead of ending up in a pool down by my feet

•    Good hair days. Enough said.

•    Good mail days – gotta love anytime there’s a magazine, a product sample or anything to offset the drudgery of bills & junk mail!

•    Seeing comments on my blog or Facebook pictures. I love being acknowledged!

•    Paying for something and finding out there’s an extra discount I didn’t know about. Score!

•    Waking up and realizing there are still hours to go before my alarm goes off

•    Remembering there’s a secret chocolate stash in the cupboard

•    Finding out there’s actually some chocolate in the secret chocolate stash when I get there!

•    Making a dinner that everyone will eat willingly without turned up noses or picked out pieces

•    Putting on a pair of socks and realizing there are no holes or runs in them (a sad glimpse into the state of my sock drawer!)

•    Thinking I have no cash in my wallet and then discovering that through the miracle of endless loonies & toonies, I actually have enough for a latté and a lemon poppyseed loaf (Nirvana!)

•    Finding a pair of nylons in my drawer that don’t have a run in them.

•    Not having to wear nylons

•    Needing batteries and finding some. Then finding out they actually work!

•    Finding money in my coat pocket or pair of jeans. A surprise savings plan!

•    Those mittens that open up and are gloves underneath. It’s like the best of both worlds!

•    Breaking off the perfect length of dental floss (too long is a waste, too short won’t stay on the fingers! I know… I have issues…)

•    Call display. Sometimes knowing who I’m not talking to can be a beautiful thing…

So do any of these things displace the sheer happiness I feel when I’m surrounded by all of the incredible people in my life? Of course not. I love my son, my husband, and the rest of my family with all my heart and not a day goes by where I don’t remind myself of how lucky I am to have them.

That being said, some reading a new magazine, while spending some ‘found money’ on a coffee… all while enjoying matched socks and a good hair day never hurt anyone!

What are your back-up blessings?
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