Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Seven "Real Truths" I've Learned as a Mom

Seven "Real Truths" I've Learned as a Mom

At the recent Babytime Show I met enough beautiful babies – and belly bumps – to make my uterus start contracting! Chatting with some of these new moms or moms-to-be got me thinking about my own experiences… There are a million books, magazines, and websites that let you know what to expect when it comes to pregnancy, labour, delivery, and caring for your baby. But somehow I was still unprepared for the “real” reality…

1. You can do all the research, planning and organizing you like – the reality is, your baby didn’t read the Birth Plan so he/she is coming out the way they want and there’s nothing you can do about it!

2. Not everyone glows when pregnant. Some of us were definitely not the thick-maned, dewy skinned goddesses that grace the covers of trendy style magazines. Some of us were just fat and miserable with no ankles and our heads in the toilet. Stick THAT on the cover of your magazine!

3. Labour & delivery hurts. A lot. I expected that. However, no one warned me about the hellish nightmare known as the first “post-partum pee”. Now THAT’S something I could have used a heads-up on…

4. Everybody has an opinion… and odds are whatever it is you’re doing is wrong. Breastfeeding vs. bottle-feeding, co-sleeping vs. crib sleeping, cry it out vs. snuggle it up… Here’s the real truth - whatever it takes to get you & baby through the day in one piece (more or less) is the right decision for you.

5. When people offer to help, take them up on it! We don’t have to look like we’re on top of everything because – let’s face it – we’re not! Most of us are just barely hanging on during those first few months so if someone wants to offer me a little piece of nirvana in the form of a coffee or a meal that I didn’t have to make (and that I can eat with one hand), then sign me up!

6. Your boobs will never be the same again. Enough said.

7. God made babies and little children look like angels when they’re asleep. I’m pretty sure that was no accident – one little glance at that innocent little face and somehow all of the chaos, turmoil and misery you've endured throughout the day fades away…. Almost!

Come on, ladies – time to spill the beans. What are YOUR “real truths”?
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