Saturday, 28 April 2012

The "Other Firsts"...

Okay, so we all know about those special “Baby Book Firsts” – you know, the ones you ‘ooh’ & ‘aah’ over… the ones you ‘share’ & ‘tweet’ to all your friends, family, followers & fans… the ones that makes their way into the infamous Baby Book. Agreeably, these are true milestone moments and will be remembered and cherished for a lifetime.

But what about the “other firsts” – the ones that don’t seem to have a special page in the ‘scrapbook of love’? The ones with a little less “Aww” value? Don’t they deserve their 15 minutes of fame too??

BABY BOOK FIRST:    Baby’s First Word – melting your heart the very first time your little angel gazed lovingly at you and called out “Mommy”
OTHER FIRST:    The 87th time you hear ‘MommyMommyMommyMommyMommy’ at the exact time you’re trying to finish a phone call or get dinner on the table.

BABY BOOK FIRST:    Baby’s very first tooth – documenting the very moment the first little pearly white comes poking through
OTHER FIRST:    The very first time those chompers are taken out for a spin – on a playmate, the dog, or even on you! (NOTE: Bonus first – if this “first bite” happens to occur while breastfeeding - OUCH!)

BABY BOOK FIRST:    Baby’s First Food - the first time your precious little one opens his or her precious little mouth and enjoys the wonder of pureed carrots
OTHER FIRST:    The first time this delicacy you’ve so lovingly prepared is less than a huge hit and you are, thus, forced to catch the remnants of said meal in your napkin, hand or plate. (Bonus first – if you are actually able to salvage something out of the regurgitated meal and eat it anyway!)

BABY BOOK FIRST:    Baby’s First Step – who can’t remember running for the camera/video camera/iPhone to capture those first uncertain little strides away from the safety of the coffee table?
OTHER FIRST:    The very first time those steps are all strung together to result in an impromptu Olympics hurdling event running through your living room, ending in an overturned footstool, a broken lamp, and a skinned knee.

BABY BOOK FIRST:    Baby’s First Independent Mealtime – watching with wonder and pride as your little one manages to manoeuvre those Cheerios into his or her mouth all by themselves (more or less!) for the first time
OTHER FIRST:    The very first time you watch your little sweetheart skillfully pick out every diced onion, grated carrot, corn kernel or other offending food item from the meal in front of them.

BABY BOOK FIRST:    Baby’s First Mess – you know the drill, open the diaper bag, take out the extra diapers, shift the spare clothing out of the way, dig down beneath the spare pacifier, bag of Cheerios and special ‘lovey’ to carefully extract the special non-toxic, organic, handmade baby face wipes to gently clean away that offensive speck of dirt.
OTHER FIRST:     Some spit in your hand and a swipe with the thumb oughtta get most of whatever the heck is on there! (You know you’ve done it!)

BABY BOOK FIRST:    Baby's First Successful Sleep Through The Night - no additional words needed... *Sigh*...
OTHER FIRST:    The first time you close your eyes to count to 10 while playing Hide & Seek and promptly fall fast asleep! (Bonus first – your kids think you’re actually looking for them and keep hiding, allowing you to stretch out that impromptu nap!)

So, does anyone else think their Baby Books might need a few extra pages added on to them?

What's your "Other First"?
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